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3 Ways To Get A Police Report If You Are In A Car Accident

3 Ways To Get A Police Report If You Are In A Car Accident

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Car Accidents

If you should ever get into a car accident you will eventually want a copy of the police report. The police are an important part of car accident claims. Besides directing traffic, police officers obtain statements from the vehicle drivers, passengers, and all witnesses.  A police report from the accident scene is one of the most important documents that insurance companies and lawyers rely on in determining fault.

So How Do I Get A Police Report From A Car Accident?

1. Accident Site

The first way to get a police report is at the scene of the accident. Typically, the investigating officer asks you a number of questions about the accident. They then give both sides a copy of the police report.  This is a less common occurrence.

2. Request a copy from the police

More often than not,  if you have been in a car accident after the investigating office concludes his investigation he/she will give you a card that will have the police report number and the name of the reporting agency.  A police report will typically cost $2-$10 depending on the city or agency who took the report. This is the more common way police reports are obtained.

3. Ask your insurance company

Last, remember that your insurance company will want a copy of the police report so a determination can be made by the insurance company of fault.