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by | Dec 11, 2020 | Car Accidents

Uber Car Accidents

Due to the cost of fuel, car insurance and convenience considerations many people use applications such as Uber to get them where they want to go. Ride sharing applications are now used to go to bars, restaurants, stores and work.

The Uber Overview

Uber is one of many applications people use for finding rides. Once a user has the application, he or she requests a ride, and an Uber driver picks him or her up. The service is a great way for drivers who often have other jobs to make some extra money and it also allows passengers to get to destinations without the stresses associated with driving in traffic in areas such as Los Angeles, Pasadena, Riverside and other areas.  While Uber often notes that its’ drivers have extensive coverage in case a driver gets into an accident, it is important to make sure coverage applies to your situation because personal car insurance policies do not typically cover commercial use.

Uber Insurance 

The typical auto insurance policy covers carpooling (cost sharing to a common location) however because Uber driving is for a profit it becomes necessary to have commercial insurance.

An Uber policy provides $1,000,000 of excess liability insurance beyond the driver’s insurance. Typically, there is no provision for medical payments as a result of a car accident, so it is the responsibility of individual drivers to have their own insurance for health benefits.

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